Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freedom Force Campaign Video

American Dream Union (ADU) Campaign Video

Fight for America Campaign Video

NBC Channel 8 Weather Center Field Trip

An Overview of Our Learning

Click on any of the photos to enlarge:

every second of the news is scripted
robot-like cameras use the grid on the floor of the studio to position themselves appropriately without a human
meteorologists and traffic reporters do not use teleprompters
meteorologists use live TVs to determine where to point on the green screen
meteorologists prepare what graphics the audience will see on the green screen
the tools meteorologists use to predict the weather

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet the Parties

Third Grade

Star Spangled Liberty

Mascot: bee because successful, organization, sweetness of truth

U.S. Freedom

Mascot: dolphin because wisdom and communication skills
Color: green because environment, health, and generosity

Star Spangled Banner

Mascot: dolpin because wisdom and communication skills
Color: orange because wealthiness and energy

USA Fighters

Mascot: rabbit because quick-thinking, overcoming the past, and resolution to change

A third grade party designing their campaign button on Google Drawing

Fourth Grade

Trust Builders

Mascot: dog because the dog protects and we need to protect America
Color: blue because it means peace and harmony

Captain America

Mascot: rabbit because it means quick thinking, overcoming the past, and resolution to change
Color: green because energy and health

Sweet Success!

Mascot: bee because it lives in a community and possesses wealth and success
Color: gold because wealth, prosperity, and wisdom

Peace Defenders

Mascot: shark because it stands for never being caught off guard and ability to defend
Color: yellow because it represents success

Justice for the People

Mascot: turtle because it means respecting others and developing new ideas 
Color: purple because it means wisdom

Freedom for All

Mascot: cat because independence, protection, and love
Color: white because it is a sacred and pure color like heaven and the US is like heaven on Earth

Fifth Grade

U.S. Defense

Mascot: bee because success and sweetness of truth
Color: gold because perfection in all matters; because failing is not an option

Freedom Force

Mascot: eagle because courage and wisdom; so we won't fear what we face and use our minds to the best of our abilities in all situations
Color: light blue because of the pain and sacrifice we have been through

American Dream Union (ADU)

Mascot: moose because headstrong and unstoppable; because we are strong dreamers and nothing can stop us from what we believe in
Color: purple because read and blue make purple and they are the colors of America. Also, blue and red are the colors of the democrats and republican and we analyzed their ideas before developing our own.

Fight for America

Mascot: turtle because patience and respecting
Color: green because it means peace, self-control, nature, and harmony.

Freedom for All

Mascot: dolphin because communication skills, wisdom, and it is free in the ocean
Color: sky blue because it stands for freedom
A fifth grade party designing their campaign poster in Google Drawing

A fifth grader explaining his party's platform to a few third graders during afternoon homeroom

Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 10

All of our third, fourth, and fifth grade political parties drafted their idea platforms this week. Education, environment, capital punishment, gun control, immigration, healthcare, same sex marriage, and the economy are the issues covered between the 16 parties.

US Defense writing their idea platform
Star Spangled Liberty

All grades worked to complete their science experiment proposals:

Third grade's weekly chapter and mishnah with Morah Sylvia:

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where Do Presidents Come From? Graphic Novel

I just bought and read this very entertaining book & can't wait to share it with you! Please click on the photos to enlarge and get a sneak peak.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Research, Research, Research!

Issues that Bind Us Together

Showing purple moose pride (their political party's symbolic color and animal)
5th grade researching issues such as education and gun control
& discussing and determining their party's stance on them 


5th grade researching their science fair topics before incorporating it into five paragraph essays
3rd grade researching their science fair topics and recording their findings and sources in their notebooks

Friday, October 5, 2012

Election Season has Begun

4th and 5th grade learned the three minimum requirements for presidential candidates set out in the Constitution. They discussed why people wouldn't vote for someone if those were his or her only qualifications for presidency. Here is some of 5th grade determining what other factors, which are not technically requirements, are important for a presidential candidate. 

We are leaders:

Ways fourth graders are leaders (click to enlarge)
Leaving feedback on other groups' posters

Third grade had the opportunity to finish presenting their first projects

An excellent Google presentation with clear photos and few words per slide
Mr. G pointing out the coordinating background and additional presentation strengths 
Today's presenters all did an excellent job of putting the information into their own words!
We love audience participation
Proud of her hard work

3rd grade sorting presidential facts and opinions before learning why it's so important to recognize opinions when learning and talking about the election

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